Saturday, July 3, 2010

Skuzzy Days

We all like to lounge around in sweats and do nothing but watch dumb shows like Gossip Girl or something with sexy vampires and that is completely fine. The problem is when you leave your house like that, it is always best to not look as though your a dirty bum, and I can say that without offending anyone because bums don't have computers or maybe even read? Anyway if you do not want to get out of those comfy sweats when you leave your house that is fine but make sure your not wearing a sweatshirt with those sweat pants. Always avoid wearing an outfit wear you say the word sweat twice! And definitely fix your hair so its not in a mamm bun or weird pony tail. I went out once with a sweatshirt, sweats, and my hair in a mamm bun but I only went to the library, did not think I was going to run into anyone. I was wrong, and looked like skuzzy skum. Embarrassing.


  1. I cannot agree with you more! I cannot imagine leaving my house not dressed properly, and being a male we can get away with a lot more than girls.
    Great advice, wish everyone could read this.


  2. ok so the bum comment made me laugh! hope they don't read that