Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look Slim Beauty Secrets

A few simple hair, skin, and makeup moves can make you look like you've dropped 10 pounds! Do this while you try to do the real thing, so you can effortlessly look slimmer this summer.

1.Glow for it - Applying a self-tanner has a near instant slimming effect.  You can go for the instant tan with Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection Tinted Self-Tanning Gelee ($29;, which gets skin golden in six hours, or Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer ($9; at drugstores), for a gradual build.

2. Steer clear of bobs and pixies - Long, layered styles will make your face look more slender.  Ask your stylist for chunky layers that skim the face to chisel your cheekbones.  And because blunt bangs can make your face appear rounder, if you want them, ask for sideswept fringe that falls at about nose level.

3. Do away with "orange peel" - Look more svelte by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite with a skin-smoothing cream. Since these creams provide only a temporary reduction in dimpling, you'll have to reapply them for prolonged effects. Check out Tarte CelluFight ($40; which is tinted to give your skin a golden glow or Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite 30-Day Body Beauty Program ($19; drugstores), with dietary supplements that contain L-carnitine, which is said to promote lean muscle mass.


  1. Great tips! :)

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