Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Secret to Hollywood's Sexiest Brunettes

Despite the blonding trend amongst some of Hollywood's most head-turning brunettes, you don't have to go blond to be a certified bombshell. Maybe that's because there's a new way to make brunette hair look extra gorgeous. Brad Johns, color director for the Red Door Spas at Elizabeth Arden NYC, calls it "invisible highlighting," a salon process in which three shades of complementary browns--coffee, chocolate, dark chocolate--are all woven through the hair to give the color life and dimension. (That's salon-speak for total awesomeness.) You don't necessarily notice the different shades immediately, but the way the scene-stealing hair catches the light can't be missed. The other bonus: On natural brunettes, these invisible highlights only need to be touched-up once or twice a year for maintenance, so it's pretty wallet-friendly. Steering clear of any dye or highlights this season? Whatever your color, Johns recommends silicone drops like Davines Defining Drops to make hair as smooth as glass after a good blow-dry. 


  1. i need to remember this when i go to my darker winter color :)

  2. that sounds interesting for me! I am a brunette obviousl (dah!) but I was just thinking of doing a change without it being drastic or high maintenance so this sounds perfect. Now next step is to find the salon to do this in Holland...;)