Friday, July 2, 2010

Edward...Jacob... WHO CARES....I want JASPER!!!

So, I finally made it to see Eclipse. I'm in the theater anxiously awaiting the start of the movie when a woman yells out "YES" as she is unable to contain her enthusiasm. You can really tell she is excited for the movie to start............Oh wait....Am I talking about myself in the third person again? Apparently so, because that woman was ME!  I had gotten myself all worked up the last couple of days in anticipation of today. 

I do have to say that I barely noticed JASPER in the previous two movies. I don't know if it was the excitement of seeing the characters of Edward and Bella come to life in Twilight, or the shock of Jacob's much needed haircut in New Mood, but Jasper just kind of slipped under the radar.

And may I ask HOW exactly was that possible? How did I miss Mr. Cutie McHottie pants before? I don't know, but he sure isn't under the radar anymore. Due to the sheer hotness of Jasper, I had to go sneak into The Last Airbender and watch him in that also.

Now, enough of Jasper. It was a pretty good movie and I will say that Kristen Stewart looked her best. She was really pretty in this movie.  Hope you had a chance to watch Eclipse too. Tell me, who is your favorite character?  Did you notice Jasper as I had?


  1. Hate Twilight, but love Jackson! :D He's in a band (100 Monkeys) and I went to see them in concert, was literally a foot from him :) and he looked/smiled at me *faints*

  2. I KNOW!!! He is soooo beautiful. I'm so glad he was allowed to talk in this movie.

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  4. I still haven't seen eclipse yet, I will go to the cinema on monday C: Kisses sweetie.

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  7. I did:) It shows now....It's strange I thought I did follow you already:)
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  8. I have not seen any of the twilight movies or read the books. I just don't get all the fuss.

  9. I love this post and I really like Jasper...and EMMET :p

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  10. the title of this post made me laugh! it's soo true. haha. i haven't actually seen eclipse, but i'm hoping i get the chance to see it sometime next week. :)

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  11. I saw Eclipse on opening night, and it was great to see the other Cullens play more of a role. I loved going into the history of Rosalie and Jasper. I do not like Jaspers hair in the movies, but I also think he is pretty darn cute. He was in an episode of CSI once and I thought he was a really good actor and has nice lips. But....i LOVE Edward (not Robert Pattinson...but the character he plays).

    It was my favorite book and movie. I am very interested to see how they do Breaking Dawn.