Thursday, June 10, 2010

Save money on your next vacation

Before you plan your next getaway, follow this budget-friendly guide for what to buy, when.

1. Sunday, 4pm. Book your room at this time by calling the actual hotel - instead of the chain's general reservation line. Revenue managers (the people in charge of setting rates) typically don't work on Sunday afternoons, so you'll talk with the front desk employees, who are likelier to negotiate a better deal for you.

2. Wednesday, 12:01am. Reserve your airfare just after midnight on Tuesday night in the time zone where the airline is based. Look at the company web site to find the location of corporate headquarters.

3. Thursday, 8pm. Fill up your suitcase with clothing bargains by hitting the mall one to two hours before closing time on Thursday night. That's when most employees start marking down apparel for weekend sales, meaning you'll get first dibs on the deals.


  1. How far in advance should we book?

  2. Great post!! Some really great tips. I sent you and e-mail too with berry picking info. and I would love to feature this post.

  3. Awesome tips!!! I def could use #1 and #2 for my next trip. And #3, for always :) haha

  4. Amazing tips darling...I will try them for sure:)
    Have a great Thursday:)

  5. (Sent an e-mail to verify guest post/feature details)

  6. Oh great tips! I definitely need to try these.