Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Yesterday I went and visited my mom's and my grandma Bates' graves. I took my daughter who is now 5 for the first time.  We went to my grandma's first which is a very small graveyard in Orting, WA. As we were driving there, my daughter asked me a lot of questions about my relationship with my grandma and what she was like. It brought back so many memories of the wonderful times I had spent with her while I was growing up.

Again, as we were heading to my mom's, Taylor began asking me about her. My daughter was very young when my mother died, but she has memories of her none the less. She began talking about things she remembered and she had such fond memories of my mother and was truly sad that she would not be able to see her anymore. It touched my heart the way she was sad, but happy about her memories at the same time. My daughter has such a loving and caring heart and it really made my trips to my grandma's and mom's a happy time filled with warm memories that we shared throughout the day.

On the way home, my daughter asked me why I had never taken her before. I really don't know.....I guess I thought she was too young or she would be too upset or wouldn't understand. But I do know, that I will take her every Memorial Day with me from now on. I go to visit them at other times of the year, but I think that Memorial Day will always be a tradition in which it's just me and my daughter.


  1. i wanted to take the 30 minute drive to go see my grandpas grave, i just didn't have the time :( good for you!


    ps i've got an award for you cuz you make me so happy, come get it! :)

  2. So sweet...She sounds like a smart little girl and you are so lucky to have this cutie! Memories will be always with us....Isn't that great?
    Kisses my dear and have a great afternoon!

  3. I was looking through the Korea pictures trying to remember if it was March or April we went. It is hard to believe she has been gone almost 3 years now. Glad you went. Much love.