Thursday, June 3, 2010

How can I get the perfect beachy texture?

1. Prep your tresses - Apply a texturizing spray to damp hair from roots to ends. Then add a volumizing mousse for hold and body.

2. Amplify waves - Twist 1" to 1.5" sections around your finger; then loosely pin coils to your head. Diffuse or air-dry, or set hair before bed for a sexy, slept-in look.

3. Break it up - Scrunch in a bit of grooming cream to loosen up the look and create separation.

Salt Spray makes you look like you swam in the ocean - in a good way! Try KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray, $15.95;


  1. I can't find my summer hair salt spray by Frekki so I am glad you told us about KMS, its less expensive too.

  2. Great cool! I will try this for sure!
    Kisses and have a fun day, sweetie

  3. I know, the Frederic Fekkai "Beach Waves" is $23.00 and it seems like the only time you can find it is in the height of summer. Otherwise, it is nowhere!

  4. i love salt spray, im sick of taking so much time to straighten, i love this look.