Friday, June 11, 2010

Everybody was KUNG FU Fighting.........

So, learning martial arts is one of the things I have on my "want to do" list. I have IN PROGRESS next to it as my daughter and I are currently taking classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we do our Kung Fu training for 2 hours. We started in November.  It is a kids class, but I get to go to the class along with one other mother. (We end up being partners for take downs and sparring).

Anyways, we had promotions this last Saturday and we both received our white belts. (You start out with no belt and have to be promoted to a "white belt". They do promotions just once a year and you either have to know your stuff, or wait another year to advance.

I am proud to say that I also received an award.  It is the "EYE OF THE TIGER" award. WOO HOO!!! It means I am FIERCE!!!


  1. Good for you! I can say with confidence this is not on my bucket list!
    My kids both did Tae Kwan Do for a while. James my 10 year old was a brown belt or was that blue anyhoo he has been both. My daughter who is 5 was a ninja and then a tiger. We stopped because he went into football and she did soccer. No one has asked to go back! It was draining, I felt that we lived there. Its fabulous exercise though!


    you know i've been wanting to learn. On Wed night there was a rape at my complex next door, so scary! i really should...

  3. How cute! You go tiger. Seriously, that is cool congrats.

  4. Darling! Wow that is pretty intense. Most types of martial arts test at least every 6 months. You must be very proud of her and you must be FIERCE if you received the eye of the tiger award. You should take a picture so we can see it.