Sunday, June 13, 2010

Make your new beauty trick FAB BROWS

You'll notice that eyebrows are getting bolder and more defined this season. Makeup artist Brett Freedman recently explained why this new look is catching on so quickly: "For a while, stars were going for the lash extension look, where lashes were enhanced with mascara or faux lashes to really stand out as the most attention-stealing feature on your face. Now we're moving to brows as the stronger focal point," she says.

So why is this good news? Because it's super easy to take your look from day to night with just a brow update. To get the before-five version of the look, fill in brows with a shade slightly lighter than your brow-hair color, so you see the hairs, not the makeup--it'll look more natural. At night, go for a color that's slightly darker than your natural hue to create a standout look. The only exception to this bold brow rule? Gals with dirty-blond hair. They should always stick with a taupe-y shade, no matter what time of day you're working the look.

To help you find your perfect brow-enhancing color, check out Vanitymark's 8 different brow powder shades.

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  1. I use brow pencil everyday because I have super light and sparse brows! And as a brunette, the brows just blend into my skin at times. It is a must have in my book!