Sunday, June 6, 2010

Custom Blend

1. Salvia 'Evolution'
Deep purple spikes add spark in hot, sunny areas.
2. Canna 'Bangkok'
Flashy foliage is what this short canna is all about
3. Buddleia 'Lo & Behold'
A mini version of the taller butterfly bush.
4. Calibrachoa Mini Famous 'Double Blue' and 'Double Pink'
Bloom all summer
5. Pepper 'Calico'
Leaves are a mix of gree, cream, and purple. Fruit is glossy black.

Pot Pointers

Good watering practices are key for containers. Plants will thrive when moisture is consistent, and in practical terms, that often means watering daily.  Here are some tips for containers that look great all season long.

1. Perfect partners
Make sure all the plants in the pot have similar needs. For example, don't mix drought-tolerant plants, such as sedum, with thirsty plants, like cannas. Check plant labels for water requirements.
2. Bigger is better
The bigger the pot, the longer you can go before watering again. And plants will perform better! Use the biggest container you can easily lift.
3. No wet feet
Water regularly, but allow excess to drain away from the pot. Allowing a pot to stand in a saucer of water is not a substitute for regular watering. Standing water also provides mosquitoes a place to breed.

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  1. Great tips! I have such a black thumb though, but I can see a few mistakes I've probably made!

    Thanks for linking up! I hope you'll join me next week too!