Monday, April 26, 2010

How to be Jennifer Aniston not Paris Hilton!‏

Now they both seem to have boy problems so we are not talking about their relationship issues, because it seems too hard to keep up with; instead their skin. Jennifer Aniston maintains a natural glow all year, but yes she probably can afford the best of the best. Paris Hilton can too but she seems to look like a pumpkin all year. Too avoid Paris Hilton's chester the cheeto look stop tanning everyday! Never do a spray tan unless you want to be a 'Guido' and to save money and get the Jennifer Aniston look you need to do this.
1) Buy Dove's Self Tanning Lotion
2) Do not overuse it
3) Only 4 days a week put a thin layer all over at night before bed, make sure you take a shower in the morning. If you don't then you will have the greasy feeling all day, yikes.
4) Also, Hoola Bronzer from Benefit is a very good way to add an extra bronze

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