Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grow your own salsa garden

Fresh ingredients make all the difference. Whether you prefer salsa that's hot or mild, chunky or smooth, you can serve the tastiest, most colorful salsa ever by growing your own peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, and cilantro.  All you need is a small garden or large containers in full sun. You can even combine vegetables with perennials in a sunny border.  Here's a good garden collection to make salsa from your own kitchen.  One plant each of medium-hot chile pepper 'Early Jalapeno', sweet golden yellow bell pepper 'Early Sunsation', early-ripening tomatillo 'Toma Verde', meaty red tomato 'Martino's Roma', and mild yellow tomato 'Taxi', plus cilantro.

Let your favorite cuisine be the guide when you plan your garden.  Plant salad greens, radishes, and carrots in early spring for harvest no later than early summer. Plant warm-season crops such as peppers and tomatoes after the last spring frost.

See gardens below for three awesome arrangements that could easily yield 40-50 lbs. of tomatoes, 10 lbs. of cucumbers, bushels of salad greens, and baskets full of the other vegetables shown such as carrots, onions, chard, eggplant, basil, oregano and garlic.

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